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Adult Ages 13+
Child Ages 3-12
Infant Ages 0-2

Experience Tout Bagay in St. Lucia

Unveil the Wonders of St. Lucia: Immerse Yourself in an Excursion to Soufriere, called ‘Tout Bagay’!

Dive into the heart of the island’s essence with our ‘Tout Bagay’ experience, where every moment is a delightful tapestry of exploration and wonder. Translating to ‘A little bit of everything’ in Creole, this tour encapsulates the island’s spirit perfectly.

Embark on a coastal odyssey along the west, capturing the breathtaking Pitons against the azure backdrop and discovering the geological marvel of the bubbling drive-in volcano that shaped our paradise. The journey continues with a refreshing rendezvous at Toraille Waterfall and an opportunity to soak in the rejuvenating Sulphur Springs, where the option of either a guided volcano tour or a playful mud bath awaits.

Experience the echoes of tradition and culture at Morne Coubaril Estate, an authentic 18th-century working plantation, while indulging in a delectable local buffet lunch that tantalizes your taste buds.

Savor the finale with a sun-kissed swim and snorkel in our protected bays or simply bask in the sun’s embrace. As you sail through the captivating Marigot Bay, seize the perfect photo moment that awaits around every bend.

Wrap up your journey with a touch of island rhythm, guided by our spirited crew who will teach you the latest dance steps. Your chance to encounter ‘Tout Bagay’ – an exquisite blend of it all – awaits. Don’t miss out!