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St. Lucia’s leading Catamaran cruise operator, Sea Spray Cruises operate three large luxury catamaran vessels as well as the distinctive pirate-themed schooner “Black Magic” to create unique and wonderful experiences for guests looking to taste a Caribbean life at sea. The company offers tours which cover the very best that St. Lucia has to offer, venturing around some of the iconic landmarks that have helped the island group become synonymous with natural glory.

A local business, Sea Spray Cruises is family operated and makes use of the owners’ extensive knowledge of St. Lucia and its surrounding waters to craft perfect cruise experiences for guests on the islands. In operation since 1991, the company offers cruises on the 52 foot “Mango Tango”, 80 foot “Tango Too” (capable of holding up to 150 passengers) and the 65 foot “Jus Tango”. Each of these vessels possesses its own unique amenities, from variable size and on- board amenities to optimised tanning areas, helping to craft a tour service which will suit your specific needs.

Sea Spray Cruises have been recognised for their superior services with awards such as the Thompson Gold Award of Excellence (awarded twice), Princess Cruise Lines “Best High Volume Tour of the Season” and Trip-Advisor certificate for excellent after maintaining a 5.0 rating. These awards are forever being used to set the standard of service that Sea Spray hopes to deliver, offering a variety of services and tours which can cover everything from sightseeing to weddings, corporate events to sunbathing drifts along serene azure waters.

Sea Spray Experiences

Sea Spray Cruises’ tour options cover both land and sea; by embracing a wide range of experiences, their guests can enjoy an all-encompassing experience of this tropical paradise.

Private Charters & Weddings

Sea Spray’s fantastic private charter service is the prime choice for celebrations or opportunities for a private island tour. The company has a reputation for organising excellent wedding charters, birthday parties and corporate retreats. They have even organised a pirate themed wedding, showcasing their versatility and flexibility.

Tout Bagay Day Tour

The Tout Bagay Tour is a fascinating experience where you can learn about the islands’ natural history or enjoy St. Lucia’s natural splendour at the world’s only “drive-in volcano” near the islands’ iconic Twin Pitons. Running Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, this tour visits the mud baths, sulphur pool and stunning Soufriére Waterfall, offering an immersive natural experience.

Sunset Cruises

The absolute height of romance and adventure, take a trip aboard the distinctive “Black Magic” and enjoy opulence in the midst of a colour drenched display as the sun sinks into the dazzling Caribbean Sea. Complemented with champagne or rum punch, this tour is a sure way to ignite passions.

A Personal Pirates of the Caribbean Adventure

St. Lucia’s buccaneering history stretches back to the late 1550s with French pirate Francois le Clerc. This historical association is brought to the fore by Sea Spray’s Pirate Day Adventure, where the adventurous can join Captain Lio and his crew as they set sail for Soufriére and enjoy delights abroad the classical pirate style ship “Black Magic”.

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